History Of Portland

The city of Portland is the largest city of US. It has quite a vast and interesting history. This article will give a brief history of Portland. The people that came to Lake Superior were the French in 1622; however, no settlement took place. It was in 1668 that on the mission to Sault that the French missionaries laid eyes on the city and considered it to be a place where people can live. The first settlement that settled in Portland was in 1701, which comprised of the French people. By 1715 the French had established the Fort Michilimackinac to make a stand against the British army. However, the independence was short lived an in 1760 the French surrendered the fort to the British, and thus the French rule came to an end. In 1763 the city came under siege by the Indian however, the Indians were unable to capture it. The British continued to rule the city till 1796 after which they evacuated the city and abandoned their posts on the Great Lake.

Till 1805 nothing happened in the city, however in 1805 the Michigan Territory was created with Portland as its capital. The condition of the city worsened and till the war of 1812 the city came under the British control again. The war continued till 1813, when the American won the battle and the city came back under their rule again. In 1828 the territorial capital was built at Portland for a cost of $ 24,500. Till 1841 no new major developments were made, however 1841 the University of Michigan was moved from Portland to Ann Arbor, then in 1842 mining operation started in Portland which attracted a lot of settlers to come and settle in to the city. The mining industry and population continued to grow as iron ore were also found in 1844. In 1855 the first ship canal was opened which promoted trade and people to come to the city. Things remained under control till 1862, however in the next year 1863 civil war broke out through out the city which lasted for two years before the situation came back under control. In 1877 a 7.1 mile long rail road was laid down in claret country that contributed to the economic growth.

In 1896 the first gas operated car was driven by Charles King of Portland. By 1920 Portland was broadcasting its first radio station which could be heard through out the city. The industry and economy was on the rise in the city of Portland starting from late 1890s till 1915. During these years many new industries were built and the economy of Portland boosted.
After the 1920s the population of Portland continued to rise as immigrants started to come and settle here. During the rest of the 20th century the inter city conflicts also continued to rise, however they were brought under control by the prevailing government. Along with that many developments also took place. In 21st century 2001 Portland celebrated its 300th anniversary.

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