The Poor People in USA

According to the report from United States Census Bureau, 4.360,000 poor people in USA in 2009. It means 1/7 people in USA is poor. The number breaks the record in the history in USA. And the situation will be worse next year and some people predict the number of poor people will be increased to as high as 1/5 among the whole population. Do you know what the problems result in this phenomenon?

1. The poverty line is higher than other countries

In 2009, the poverty line in USA is annual income with USD22,050 for a family with four members. If the annual income lower than USD22,050, the family will be considered to be poor people. But in fact, 46% of the poor people have private car and house and 30% own two cars. Obviously, the poverty line is much higher than other countries.

2. The effect of the economic crisis took place in 2008

The serious economic crisis took place in 2008 is another main reason to increase the number poor people. The president Obama also admit the economy in USA is still difficult. The jobless rate reaches the peak.

Do you know what the poor people’s life in USA look like? In fact, the welfare from government is too well-off to poor people.

1. Food. For the people with income lower than poverty line, they will be provided food stamp from government. It is a kind of card and government will deposit to it monthly. And people can use it to purchase bread, fruit, and meat and so on.

2. Accommodation. Government invest much money on providing low-rent housing to poor people. The cost is less than 30% of the poor families’ income. Then the people can use more than 70% of the income to purchase other daily necessities, like clothes, mobile…..

 3. Donation from charity organizations. More and more rich people in USA are willing to donate their money to poor people. And it is very helpful to the poor.