African Foods ? A Brief Commentary On South African Culinary And Its History

South Africa has an expansive range of food. South African culture is diverse and rich and this shows in their wide array of foods. The soil by itself is great for crops and the great environment and sunshine makes them thrive.

South Africa is called the “Rainbow Nation”, a phrase stated by Desmond Tutu, the Archbishop and soon adopted by the President Nelson Mandela, that smybolizes the range of the country’s culture and people. This variety is also spilt on to the South African cuisine, which encompasses cooking practised by indigenous people including the Khoisan, Xhosa and Sotho speaking people, settler cuisine devised by the people of Afrikaner and British origin, the culinary of the Cape Malay folks (those who came from Malaysia and Indonesia. Then there is the cuisine of people of Indian descent (influenced by Indian cuisine). Furthermore, South African cuisine has taken influences from that of nearby countries, and this is clearly evident in a few dishes that hold traces of Portuguese cuisine – Angola and Mozambique both have been former Portuguese colonies.

Some famous South African delicacies include:

– Biltong – dried, salty meat (beef, chicken or even ostrich), related to jerky.

– Bobotie – Bobotie is a dish from Cape Malay that is similar to meatloaf with raisins, and laced with baked egg on top. The dish is served with a variety of accompaniments such as sambals, yellow rice, coconut, banana slices and chutney.

– Frikkadel – Meatballs with eggs, bread, onions and spices.

– Mealie bread – A sweetened bread baked with sweetcorn.

– Potjiekos – A stew containing meat, vegetables, rice or potato, with wine or water added. Pasta & fruits are sometimes added.

– Sosatie – A Cape Malay dish consisting of mutton marinated with onions, chillies, curry leaves, garlic and tamarind sauce, placed on skewers and later grilled or fried.

– Tomato bredie (Afrikaans: Tamatiebredie) – Mutton stew, seasoned with cardamom, chillies, cinnamon, cloves and ginger.

– Waterblommetjiebredie – Meat stewed using Cape Pondweed flowers.

– Vetkoek – Dough, filled with ground (minced) meat, mixed with honey and syrup, and later deep-fried.

– Malva Pudding – An apricot-flavored sponge-like dessert.

– Melktert – Melktert is Afrikaans for “milk tart”. This dessert consists of a pastry crust possessing a creamy filling made from milk, flour, eggs and sugar. Cinnamon is sometimes scattered on the surface.

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